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Amanda Brace

Amanda Brace

Amanda Brace is an instructional design support and eSchool teacher at Regina Public eSchool in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Since Amanda started teaching seven years ago, she has always been intentional about introducing innovative technology, ambitious creativity, and choice into the classroom. Early in her career, Amanda taught grades 2 and 3 at an open concept school that encouraged the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning: creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. These principles have had such a profound impact on Amanda that they have become an essential part of her classroom instruction. She recently started teaching at the online school in her division and has since moved into a technology support role to help teachers and students with online design and learning!

Amanda on Powerful Learning:

What book has influenced your thinking on powerful teaching and learning?

The Wild Card: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough by Hope and Wade King. It encouraged me to think outside the box with my lessons and how I design my classroom environment!”

What’s one strategy teachers can use to incorporate Powerful Learning?

“Start each day by encouraging your students to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories with one another. Starting the day off with conversation builds a classroom community that knows how to listen to each other, understand one another, and love to learn together!”

Ask Amanda about:

“Practical strategies and lessons about digital literacy and digital citizenship for primary students. I am also here to help with educational technology tools and online learning strategies!”

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