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Brent Christensen

Brent Christensen

Brent Christensen is a grade 7 math teacher at Glover Middle School in Spokane, Washington.

Brent has worn many hats since becoming an educator: husband, father, coach, teacher, leader, developer, designer, and so many more. Brent loves trying new things in his classroom, from integrating programming and robotics into algebra for applied algebra class, to field testing curriculum and being a part of the middle school math adoption, to designing an online and hybrid framework for his district during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brent has led professional development for middle and high school math teachers across the district around designing collaborative and engaging lessons.

Brent on Powerful Learning:


What’s one strategy teachers can use to incorporate Powerful Learning?

“The Feedback Cycle. During the Feedback Cycle, students have a choice in how they show their understanding of the content they are trying to master. By engaging in conversations with students, I can guide them to resources that support their learning. This practice helps to improve student communication and ensures that they have a safe space to exchange ideas that help strengthen their learning. Students can also support each other in this process by giving each other feedback, which results in the discourse being a source of support and nurturing.”

Ask Brent about:

“Self-paced learning, engaging students in their learning and promoting discourse in the classroom!”

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