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Jim Pedrech

Jim Pedrech

Jim Pedrech is the English and Canadian & World Studies department head at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Strathroy, Ontario.

Jim believes that technology in education–everything from pens and pencils to cutting edge digital tools–should not only enhance the learning experience but also empower learners to accomplish things beyond the confines of the classroom. As an HP Teaching Fellow, Jim is excited to collaborate and share learnings with his peers in the cohort. He draws upon his experiences collaborating with teachers around the world as a Microsoft Innovative Educator, an ambassador for Project Kakuma, and a teacher engagement manager for Innovation Lab Schools.

Jim on Powerful Learning:

What do you hope education looks like in 20 years?

“I hope [education in the future] isn't tied needlessly to visions of a past that are no longer relevant, but instead, I hope education looks like the students it’s intended to serve.”

What book has influenced your thinking on powerful teaching and learning?

The End of Education by Neil Postman. I’ve always been drawn to arguments about the big ‘why’ of education. Postman examines false narratives used to justify education in the past and then presents several of his own that may work for the future. Despite the fact Postman wrote the book over 20 years ago, his ‘Spaceship Earth’ argument–that since we are all hurtling through space on this shared “spaceship” we should ensure its survival–has never been more relevant.”

Ask Jim about:

“Reach out to me if you are interested in using gaming in History or English classes.”

Micro-credential earned:

“Neuro-truths in the Classroom is an excellent mini-course that really made me think about our assumptions about how students learn. For example, the most common strategy students use to study–reading over their notes repeatedly–is one of the worst strategies to use. This course really helped me think about how I need to explicitly teach studying skills.”


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