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Joe Archer

Joe Archer

Joe Archer is a 5th and 6th grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary School in Port Dover, Ontario.

Joe’s love for sharing his passion drove him from coaching hockey to teaching and inspiring on a daily basis. He started his teaching career in a mixed exceptionalities special education classroom, where he developed individualized programming to suit each student’s needs and desires for four years. He then began teaching junior and senior kindergarten, where Joe infused technology in fascinating ways throughout an inquiry based, student-driven play-based kindergarten program, developing and inspiring other new kindergarten teachers to do the same. During his year teaching Grade 3, he found a means of integrating meaningful real-world problems that inspired students to become immersed in a global, collaborative mindset using Microsoft apps and programs. For the last three years, he has designed global learning opportunities that allow his grade 5 and 6 students to become global change makers who collaborate and seek out understanding and learning while utilizing all that technology allows them to access! His journey crosses all fields within the primary, junior, and special education zones, all of which drive him to continue to inspire others to see the advantages that technology can bring into the classroom!

Joe on Powerful Learning:

What’s a strategy teachers can use to incorporate powerful learning?

I would say jump into the Microsoft Educator Community. Take courses and become empowered by others! There are endless learning opportunities for yourself and your students as well! So many collaborations, lessons and projects, too! This connects to Powerful Learning because when your students see you learning something new, they also see you modeling lifelong learning. When modeled, students believe — especially from empowering voices and people they trust and believe in! Become that teacher that inspires!”

What book has influenced your thinking on powerful teaching and learning?

Risk Taker by Brian Aspinall shaped my thinking because it allows us all to see that within the errors and failures we can achieve substantial learning. Teaching kids to take risks teaches them to become lifelong learners!”

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