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Lucy Rivera

HP Teaching Fellow Lucy Rivera is the creator and lead teacher of the maker/design studio program at Leadership Public High School in Hayward, California.

Lucy was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and moved to California after high school to obtain her bachelor’s in visual arts and master’s in teaching from the University of San Francisco. While at USF she studied in Budapest, Hungary and traveled through eastern Europe to study the cultures of successful schools in different socioeconomic areas. After teaching visual art for eight years, she founded the maker/design studio program to offer students the opportunity to explore their creative potential through human-centered design and the design thinking process. Teaching with mediums such as sewing, woodworking, 3D printing, video production, and coding, Lucy insists that her students see themselves as makers and contributors of society rather than passive consumers.

Lucy on Powerful Learning:

In twenty years, I hope that education does not primarily take place inside of a classroom, or even within a school, but is rather individualized plans or small group plans that take students into new and unfamiliar and even sometimes scary situations so that they can become stronger, more reflective people that interact with communities outside of their own so we can become a more empathetic community on a large and small scale.”

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