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Mahfuza Rahman

Mahfuza Rahman

HP Teaching Fellow Mahfuza Rahman is a hybrid teacher-digital lead learner at West Humber Collegiate Academy in Toronto, Ontario.

Mahfuza’s journey as an educator has taken her from physics to math to chemistry and general science, then to guidance counseling and library, before making her way back into the science and chemistry classroom, all the while leveraging technology in those spaces. She has served in various capacities as a member of the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario, where she learned and collaborated with colleagues throughout Ontario. As a digital lead learner, she helped to build teacher capacity in areas of digital learning technologies, teaching and learning within her district, which gave her the opportunity to be involved in the Learning Studios program.

Mahfuza on Powerful Learning:

Teachers can be agents of change in numerous ways, locally, especially with empowering our students. By empowering our students and just have them see themselves as change makers and future leaders right now while they’re with us.”

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