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Michelle Strickland

Michelle Strickland

Michelle Strickland is a credit recovery and computer-based instruction teacher, a makerspace facilitator, and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle coach.

Michelle started her teaching career in credit recovery, which threw her into a “Jack of all trades” roll at Trigg County High School. She suddenly found herself having to help students in nearly every required course, and even with some electives that students needed to graduate. She soon became the testing coordinator for her school and continues to monitor and help teachers with their annual assessments for students. Four years ago, her principal asked her to take the challenge of starting a makerspace. She agreed, and now she can hardly remember when she wasn’t lead maker at Trigg County High School.

Michelle on Powerful Learning:

What’s a strategy teachers can use to incorporate powerful learning?

“Try to find the strengths of each student and seek ways to empower them to personalize learning. Developing relationships goes a long way toward this goal. When the students feel empowered they take the reins toward developing more powerful connections to their education.”

What book has influenced your thinking on powerful teaching and learning?

Launch and Empower by John Spencer helped me see that students are capable of taking charge of their own learning and reminded me to help them take charge.”

What’s one thing you hope to hear from a former student?

We've been hearing for years that as teachers we are preparing our students for jobs that don’t even exist right now […] The thing that I would most want a student to be able come back to me in 20 years and say is: ‘You inspired me to want to learn, and because of the things that I learned in your classroom, it made me want to learn more about all kinds of different things that I never imagined I would need to know.’”

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