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Morgan Keena

Morgan Keena

Morgan Keena is a Grade 7 Social Studies teacher at Lone Star Middle Elementary School in Nampa, Idaho.

As an educator, Morgan has been fortunate to work in districts that are 1:1. Because of this she has been able to harness the power of technology as a learning tool in her classroom. When designing a unit or lesson she often utilizes choice boards that allow students to take in information via text (articles), audio (podcasts), and videos. This choice often carries into projects as students decide the best medium to present what they have learned. The most popular mediums are often Minecraft, 3D printing, and PowerPoint presentations. Morgan’s favorite way to start class is by saying “how do you want to learn today?” and allowing students to choose their own adventure for the class period.

Morgan on Powerful Learning:

What’s one strategy teachers can use to incorporate Powerful Learning?

“Allow students to choose how they learn for the day! Find an article, a video, and a podcast that cover the same topic and provide students with all 3 links. Then let them choose which one they want to do. Afterward, provide all students with a quick exit ticket to see what they learned and allow students to reflect on their choice. This strategy connects to Powerful Learning by making the content accessible to all students.”

Ask Morgan about:

“Choice boards, connecting history to the modern world, and working technology into a social studies classroom!”

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