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Nemeil Navarro

Nemeil Navarro

HP Teaching Fellow Nemeil Navarro is a teacher at Long Branch High School in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Nemeil started his teaching career at the University of St. LaSalle-Bacolod Integrated School in 1989. He moved to the Manila metro area in 1997 and was an instructor at the University of Perpetual Help-Rizal in Las Pinas City. In 2002, he was hired by Long Branch Board of Education. He was assigned to teach middle school math before teaching high school in 2007, where he was the math facilitator from 2009-13. Since then, he has gone back to the classroom full-time.

Nemeil on Powerful Learning:

My students, 20 years from now I want them to come back and then tell me, ‘You know what, Mr. Navarro? The lessons you designed for us? Never got to use them in real life. However, those lessons taught me how to think. Those lessons taught me how to make sense of a situation so that I can maximize the benefits that it offers to me.’ Thinking skills. That’s what the lesson should have. That’s why we need authentic lessons. That’s why we need Powerful Learning principles, so that in the end, we make our students develop critical thinking skills.”

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