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Rola Tibshirani

Rola Tibshirani

Rola Tibshirani is a grade 7 French immersion teacher at All Saints High School in Kanata, Ontario.

Rola has 26 years of teaching experience in the Canadian public school system and the International Baccalaureate system. Rola believes that the use of technology in the classroom should support students to ask questions, connect with peers and experts, build knowledge, and co-construct the “how” and “why” of learning. As an HP Teaching Fellow, Rola looks forward to unpacking skills and strategies that allow teachers to design, create, and innovate with students in their local and global communities.

Rola on Powerful Learning:

What’s a strategy teachers can use to incorporate powerful learning?

“An important strategy for teachers is to allow students to take ownership of learning, collaborating to build knowledge, and co-creating as a community.”

What’s one student project that demonstrates powerful learning?

“The Grade 7 students took action on the Sustainable Development Goals. After collecting data from the community, some students designed a Mental Health App to relieve pressure and anxiety. Another group designed a Pill Reminder for the elderly with a buzzer for time reminder. To encourage recycling, a group of students designed sensors reminding students about appropriate recycling.”

What book has shaped your thinking on powerful teaching and learning?

“Hacking School Discipline by Nathan Maynard Brad Weinstein. This book shows the importance of having students focus on self-awareness, self-regulation and effectively communicating what they are feeling. Having students self-reflect, identify and feel connected as a community by building empathy.”

What do you hope education will look like in 20 years?

In twenty years, education will be an open co-space with no separate grades, of blended learning, where students collaborate to lead their learning by developing solutions to authentic problem solving from around the world.”

Ask Rola about:

“Reach out to me if you are seeking to implement collaborative strategies, problem-solving with an authentic audience, and using design thinking to take action.”

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