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Zélia Capitão-Tavares

Zélia Capitão-Tavares

Zélia Capitão-Tavares is a technology coach and 4th and 5th grade teacher at McMurrich Junior Public School in Toronto, Ontario.

As a hybrid teacher-digital lead learner, I have the benefits of two wonderful experiences: half the day with my grades 4 and 5 students and the other part of the day with Exploration Classrooms and professional development providing trans-disciplinary expertise showcasing student learning experiences immersed in the global competencies while leveraging technology. Examples of this can be viewed in the TDSB Global Competencies site which our team co-moderates in design and collection of teacher created learning experiences

Zélia on Powerful Learning:

What’s a strategy teachers can use to incorporate powerful learning?

“Giving students the autonomy to seek out opportunities to drive and share their learning; embarked this group to find accessible options for peers in our school community to feel safe and be a part of the action through coding engaging games using visuals, lights, and text.”

What’s one student project that demonstrates powerful learning?

“The entrepreneurial project referred to as Business Day brings together both project-based and inquiry-based learning. Students are engaged as young entrepreneurs while they embark on a journey where they make independent and team decisions to develop and sell a product! Using digital tools to create an environment for their company website, as well as collaborating in real-time, students are able to research, develop, provide peer support, and make community partner connections throughout the venture.

Students ventures explored the nature of ‘play’ to create innovative and intriguing games; and going beyond consumers to creators of content that connect to their learning in order to spread awareness. Students create a business that can make a difference not only in their own lives through the experience, knowledge, and reflection on learning, but in the lives of the children who will benefit from building awareness in the community while proceeds are donated to a local charity.

Our social entrepreneurship project will be celebrating its 16th year. It continues to grow as student experiences are shared, feedback is provided, and impact reflected upon to revisit and revamp when guiding a new class community of leaders through this venture. Our class community and partners around the world continue to provide a platform, big or small, for students to share their voice. Student agency is encouraged, with or without the spotlight, as they see themselves as leaders with pride, passion, and purpose, knowing that they are making an impact in the lives of others through their choices and actions. Read more about our entrepreneurial venture in my blog zeliacapitaotavares.blogspot.ca.”

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