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Innovative Ideas from Design Day

Innovative Ideas from Design Day

On Nov. 18, Digital Promise held its first ever design challenge in five locations across the country. Designing a Better Future for Adult Learners brought together 18 teams that delivered pitches aiming to create apps that can help adult learners on the national and local level.

National Pitches

1. For many adult learners, finding day care is an obstacle to getting to class. Two Birds is a peer-to-peer platform that helps students find childcare while attending class.

2. For adults lacking basic digital literacy, doing a web search for local resources is challenging. You Win uses a game-based approach to help students find adult education programs.

3. Getting a GED can be a long process with no way for students to demonstrate progress along the way. QuillCred gives students micro credentials as they earn their degrees.

4. Not knowing how to read even the most basic of words can make the under-skilled adult student feel alone. Read Map is like having a reading tutor in your back pocket.

5. Learning can be fun, but for many who lack basic skills, it can also be daunting.Learn Up Now builds student skills and also pairs them with online mentors who can help.

6. There is so much content online, and it’s not always easy to know good from bad. #Curate4AL helps under-skilled students find fun, informal, and personalized content.

7. Many under-served students struggle with basic financial questions. The Bridge builds reading and math skills as students learn the basics of budgeting and family finance.

8. Edruptors harnesses a peer-to-peer learning model to overcome the isolation that many adult learners feel when starting to take classes.

9. On Demand teaches basic literacy skills via topic-based answers to real world questions from both experts and peers.

10. Part language-skills app, part workforce development guide, Language Skills Plus Lab helps under-skilled adults develop pathways for the careers they want.

LOCAL Pitches:

1. Life often gets in the way of adult learners getting to class. Testive for GEDprovides students an online coach as they prepare for their exams.

2. Coaching helps librarians connect volunteer literacy coaches to the students who need them most.

3. The under-skilled adult learner needs educational choices like anyone else.English Language Learners Mobile Solution’s customizable approach provides English Language Learners a multimedia rich learning opportunity.

4. The Usability EcoSystem tests the effectiveness of new adult learning apps by providing developers with immediate feedback from adult learners in real time.

5. In adult education, students come to the classroom with very different needs and interests. The Playbook finds personalized learning materials for their mixed level classes.

6. How can adult education programs get the data they need to serve their students best? The Survey helps administrators acquire vital information to get at this important question.

7. The John Harrison Project is made for the lowest-level adult reader. Acting like a reading tutor in your pocket, the app helps students work out words at their own pace.

8. Whisper is a Khan Academy for adult education instructors. Through small, bite-size lessons, Whisper builds consistent competencies for instructors who need them.

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