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Educator Micro-credentials

Digital Promise has developed a micro-credential ecosystem that provides educators with the opportunity to gain recognition for skills they master throughout their careers. As an emerging professional development strategy, educator micro-credentials can enable our education system to continuously identify, capture, recognize, and share the best practices of America’s educators so all teachers can hone their skills and identify and learn new ones. Micro-credentials are competency-based, shareable, and on-demand.

Digital Promise Professional Services supports schools, districts, and states as they implement micro-credentials to provide personalized professional learning that is competency-based, on-demand, and shareable. We work closely with leadership to design implementation plans for micro-credentials to address specific challenges or needs. Additionally, we work with organizations to support the development of new micro-credentials.

How We Engage

We will help you to develop a custom plan to meet the professional learning needs of your school, state, or district.



On-site or virtual strategic planning with leadership team

Work with administrators and/or lead teachers to gain a deeper understanding of micro-credentials, develop communication and buy-in strategies, and craft an implementation plan to meet district professional learning goals.

On-site workshops for educators

Deliver a one or two-day workshop during which educators will learn about the micro-credential theory of change and process. Learners will be guided through:

  • Orientation to the micro-credential concept and ecosystem
  • Support for account creation
  • Support with micro-credential selection
  • Structured collaboration with peers
  • Hands-on planning for micro-credential implementation and evidence collection


Administer pre- and post-pilot surveys to understand educators’ attitudes toward micro-credentials and the quality of their user experience earning micro-credentials through the micro-credential platform. Digital Promise will use the survey data to generate a report highlighting the impact of the micro-credential pilot on the pilot educators’ professional learning.

Ongoing virtual support

Provide ongoing support through immediate, focused, customized support to fit educators needs through video conferencing, email, phone, etc.

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