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Stories have the power to inform, inspire, connect, and mobilize. Stories can cut through rhetoric, data points, and policies and show the reality of the world around us — successes, challenges, and everything in between. With many competing opinions on how to implement digital learning effectively, compelling stories can influence decision-makers, and inspire people and communities to action.

Digital Promise can help leadership understand the importance of story and evaluate their storytelling capabilities, prepare students and teachers to plan, capture and produce stories about learning, or develop a series of multimedia stories that reflect the district’s vision and progress for digital learning.

How We Engage

We will help you to develop a custom plan to meet the needs of your district.



On-site workshops for educators

Customized storytelling workshop that helps key stakeholders understand the importance of story in education.

Storytellers Academy

Two to three day immersive experience to provide teachers with a hands-on and collaborative experience with a focus on topics such as:

  • the power of story in education
  • the elements of storytelling
  • maintaining a production board
  • videography and photography for educators
  • post-production editing
Telling a Story in 360

Customized workshop that leverages 360° filmmaking technology, the power of story and the power of community to inspire transformation in teaching, learning and leading.

  • Learn how to develop a story for 360 film
  • Learn how to use the technology needed to make a 360 film
  • Develop a short 360 film from blank page to screening
  • Plan out a strategy to teach storytelling to students

Creating multimedia case studies

Work with site to plan and implement multimedia case studies through:

  • strategy and messaging session
  • craft an effective narrative arc
  • produce a series of video and photographic stories with accompanying written pieces

On-site implementation support

Work with teachers on-site to plan and implement storytelling through:

  • classroom observations
  • one-on-one sessions
  • group meetings
  • model lessons

Ongoing virtual support

Provide ongoing support through:

  • immediate, focused, customized support to fit teachers’ needs via video conferencing
  • email, phone, etc.

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