Angela Hardy - Digital Promise

Angela Hardy

“I’ve always been inspired to learn when my innate curiosity is sparked by new experiences and concepts. When I was three, I came face-to-face with an Egyptian mummy at the local art museum. From that moment, bedtime stories became nonfiction read-alouds of embalming techniques and my Barbies endured preparation for the afterlife before being entombed beneath couch cushions.”

Before joining Digital Promise, Angela spent eight years as a humanities teacher, engaging students from the ages of ten to twenty-one across four continents. Intent on addressing disparities of access by creating opportunities for global connections, Angela founded a youth organization promoting engagement in human rights issues, coordinated a Korean exchange program, and brought her students together with dignitaries and professionals from across the globe. Traveling to the Emirates as an education delegate and conducting fieldwork in Morocco as part of a fellowship through the U.S. Department of State inspired her to pursue an MA in International Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University. Angela can be reached at

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