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Carly Chillmon

Carly Chillmon

“My kids teach me humility and patience every day. They remind me that the world is an exciting, curious place. All of their questioning makes me remember that there are multiple ways to understand and learn.”

Carly Chillmon is a Senior Research Communications Manager at Digital Promise. She brings to her role a love of words, data, and learning. Previously, Carly was the Communications Manager for Harder+Company Community Research, a consulting firm conducting evaluations for public and social sector organizations. She worked closely with research staff to communicate their core values and share work with clients, communities, and the social sector more broadly. Carly also has publishing experience as a production editor at Insight Editions as well as serving as the managing editor of Contexts, a magazine designed to bring sociological research to mainstream audiences. Prior to that, she was an adjunct professor at Seattle University, where she taught undergraduate sociology courses. She offers formal training in both communications and sociology, enabling her to make complex research accessible to diverse audiences. She received her BA in Communications and Sociology from Loyola University Chicago and her MA in Sociology from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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