Carol Lopez - Digital Promise

Carol Lopez

“I learn from everyone and everything, especially when I travel. There’s so much to learn from unique experiences and stories from people around the world. I’ve met the most inspiring women with the strongest desire to thrive. I’ve been amazed by how some women facing difficult situations are more interested in learning and thriving collectively rather than individually.”

Before joining Digital Promise, Carol worked at Women for Women International, an international NGO that delivers programs for women in conflict-affected areas. She was responsible for monitoring the progress of the program, training staff around the world, managing system improvement projects, and using technology to make data collection processes more efficient. Carol’s exposure to gender equality work created a formative base that evolved into a compromise for developing more equitable and inclusive practices in her personal and professional life, and her experience working in international development helped her to understand how education comes in different shapes and forms. Carol is fascinated by how even the smallest piece of information can have a profound impact on someone’s life, their family, and their community, and an even greater impact when that information is shared. Carol holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Florida International University.

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