Dewayne McClary - Digital Promise

Dewayne McClary

“I’ve learned that if you never try, the fear of failing will deprive you from learning something that could change your life. If I’m not successful the first time, I keep trying it different ways until I master it. This has built my perseverance and has allowed me to learn what it really means to make something my own.”


Dewayne comes to Digital Promise most recently as Director of Educational Technology and Library Programs at D.C. Public Schools, where he supervised DCPS’s 1:1 pilot and roll-out and other innovation initiatives. He has broad and deep experience as a teacher and district leader. He has worked in rural South Carolina, the suburbs of Virginia, and at an urban D.C. school district. Dewayne is a visionary and strategic leader, an extraordinary relationship builder, and a highly energetic, adept communicator. In his role as Director of the League of Innovative Schools, he will lead efforts to increase engagement and impact for the network. He can be reached at

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