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Dimitri Moore

“I learn from everyone I encounter. I love asking an open-ended question such as “Do you enjoy what you do?” and watching people take their answer toward what they are most passionate about or what they wish they could accomplish. Every conversation is an opportunity to learn something new as long as you listen to the person’s soul.”

Since 2001, Dimitri has worked at Columbia College Chicago, Youth Speaks, Bay Area Video Coalition, Mill Valley Film Festival, SF Sketchfest, Illinois Leadership Seminars and Free Spirit Media, where he learned how to breakdown, organize and produce projects of all types. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film and Video Producing. Dimitri has trained youth in media production, leadership development and workshopped adults in discovering their preferred work culture. He has produced music videos for Bay Area artists, short narrative films, promo videos for small businesses, training videos for Facebook and Yahoo, and documentaries. He is currently the creator of a web series that focuses on The Ignition Point of addiction and passion and a resident at San Francisco Film Society’s FilmHouse Residency Program. Dimitri can be reached at dimitri@digitalpromise.org.

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