Jeff Wayman - Digital Promise

Jeff Wayman

“I like to learn from just about everybody; the different ways that people think are so interesting. Consequently, I’m always finding perspectives different from mine that add to my thinking and knowledge.”

Jeff Wayman, Ph.D., is a Senior Educational Data Scientist for the Learning Sciences Research team at Digital Promise. Jeff is an experienced researcher, focusing on the effective use of data in education. His research on data-informed decision-making includes efficient structures for creating data-informed school districts, software that delivers student data to educators, effective leadership for data use, professional learning for data use, and systemic supports that enable widespread teacher use of student data. Dr. Wayman began this research agenda with the Center for Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University, and continued it as a professor at The University of Texas at Austin and, most recently, while running his own consulting firm. Prior to researching data use, Jeff served as a researcher at Colorado State University and as a junior high math teacher in Kansas City and Salt Lake City. A lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, Jeff vows to manage his 24/7 excitement about their Super Bowl win when he is around his Digital Promise Bay Area colleagues. You can reach Jeff at

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