Jeffrey Fett - Digital Promise

Jeffrey Fett

“There is something satisfying about receiving immediate feedback on a skill or topic you have just learned. This is a benefit technology has provided my learning process, and helped me to realize the meaningful impact it can provide in driving education innovation.”

Jeffrey has been involved in public education, technology-enhanced assessment products, and the development of innovative education tools for the classroom. Teaching high school math for 13 years allowed him to develop a sense of the public education space, and to experience first-hand the impact educational technology can have once integrated into the classroom. Acting on a passion for educational technology, he became the Math Curriculum and Assessment Lead for an edtech startup specializing in assessment, and later as a member of the content team for Amazon Education’s product. He earned his B.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics from Kansas State University and Masters of Teaching degrees from St. Xavier University and Arkansas State University. Jeffrey can be reached at

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