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Jill Bromenschenkel

“When I’m faced with learning something new, I dig in deep by researching whatever I can, often getting lost in rabbit trails and connections and fascinatingly obscure details and facts. I love to exhaust as much as I can about whatever it is; curiosity is a blessing and a curse!”



Jill Bromenschenkel is a Professional Learning Engineer with Verizon Innovative Learning schools. She has K-12 teaching, administration, and instructional coaching experience in the U.S. and in Asia. Jill began her career as a classroom teacher and has served as an ELL teacher, K-12 ELL Coordinator, District Literacy, Equity & Integration Director, Regional State Specialist, and Middle School Principal. She is an advocate for digital leadership and equitable learning opportunities. As a technology and learning strategies consultant, Jill has worked closely with schools and edtech organizations in the U.S. and internationally to develop systems for language immersion, academic access, technology transformation, and collaborative professional learning. Jill holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and Spanish, a Master’s in K-12 Educational Administration, and K-12 ELL, Instructional Design, and Social Media certifications. Jill is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in learning technologies at Pepperdine University and is looking forward to more of the “tomorrow” our students are living in today! She can be reached at jill@digitalpromise.org.

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