Jim Ryan - Digital Promise

Jim Ryan

“I learn by attempting to make progress on problems that are yet to be solved. With a team of people, I love to listen, explore, prod, construct, and critique solutions and approaches while recognizing all participants bring value and perspective to the path forward.”

Jim Ryan has worked in a variety of capacities to improve education for all students. He was a high school math teacher and site administrator for nine years. He worked as an analyst, programmer, and team lead for PowerSchool, a former division of Apple Computers, and then served as Vice President of Key Curriculum Press, a publisher of math and science tools and curricula. Prior to his role at Digital Promise, he was the STEM Executive Director for San Francisco Unified School District and put in place policies, curricula, and teacher support built on the belief that academic success in the STEM fields should not be predictable based upon ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status.

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