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Malliron Hodge

Malliron Hodge

I learn best through an unique combination of observing, visualizing, and doing. 

Malliron energetically joined the Digital Promise team December 2018 as  the Education Fellow who supported the Remake Learning Days Across America work with our Education Innovation Clusters network. She now serves as the Program Development Manager who manages our Diverse Educator Pipeline initiative. Prior to joining Digital Promise, Malliron served as the New Orleans Community Manager at 4.0 Schools, where she worked to support New Orleans community members who were interested in taking their education idea to the next level. Malliron is passionate about community engagement and has spent countless hours supporting, coaching, and cheering on Startup Weekend Education organizers, community members, and attendees. Prior to falling in love with education innovation Malliron dabbled in higher education at Tulane University Newcomb College Institute, career preparedness at Cafe Reconcile, and community engagement at ARISE Academy. She holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management with a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from Indiana University, and a B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Winston Salem State University (Let’s Go RAMS!). Malliron can be reached at:

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