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Sana Karim

Sana Karim

“Coming of age as social media and the Internet really began to thrive showed me just what technology was capable of in helping me learn. It gave me the opportunity to both find supportive communities and access resources that my school either didn’t have or were often exclusive to those more privileged than me.”

Sana joins Digital Promise as a project manager and comes with experience in both project management and research coordination. Her research has included developing and evaluating digital mental health interventions for adolescents and methods to measure and improve culturally responsive practices in K-12 schools. This experience, combined with her education, developed her interest in how digital and web-based tools can be used to increase positive identity development in historically marginalized students. She is also interested in researching how digital tools can make culturally responsive practices in social-emotional learning and STEM education more accessible. She is a strong proponent of community voice and collaboration and ensuring that the tools that young people use help them represent who they are. Sana received her B.A. in English from Drexel University and her M.S. in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

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