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Savitha Moorthy

“I learn by doing. When I am faced with something new, I like to dive in, mess around, and work my way into making the strange familiar. Failure is a necessary part of my learning process, as the road blocks are key to helping me stop, reflect, ask questions, and look for help.”

Savitha Moorthy is the Director of STEM Equity Research at Digital Promise. Her work focuses on science and mathematics education, particularly on the design of tools that promote science and math talk. Equity is a central concern in Savitha’s research, and her projects emphasize the experiences of educationally disenfranchised populations, including low-income families, English Language Learners, and students and teachers in diverse, urban school districts. Signature projects in Savitha’s portfolio include a research-practice partnership with Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV aimed at improving elementary English Learners’ science learning experiences and a collaboration with the Jim Henson Company aimed at developing an app to promote science talk and science learning among families. She holds a PhD in Education from Stanford University; she was an English and English as a Second Language teacher before becoming a researcher. She can be reached at

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