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Shibrie Wilson

“I learn best by seeing and then doing; real-world application is my preference. When learning something new, I ask a ton of questions to ensure that I have all the tools necessary to accomplish the task/endeavor independently. After asking questions, I carve out some time to review and practice what I have learned.”

Shibrie Wilson joins Digital Promise from BrandEd, a CIG (Cambridge Information Group) Education group. She served as an instructional designer and educational technologist for the digital learning team for Sotheby’s Institute of Art and The School of The New York Times. She supported and led the transition for The School of The New York Times Pre-College from in-person to online, training faculty on online learning practices and working cross-team with IT to ensure technical support during the transition. In her role, she was instrumental in transitioning Sotheby’s Institute of Art in-person M.A. program in New York and London to a digital environment. Prior to that, she was an elementary and middle school educator for the District of Columbia Public Schools, where she spearheaded a 1:1 initiative at her school and STEM integration within the curriculum. Shibrie received her Bachelor of Art in History from North Carolina A&T State University, her Master of Science in Library and Information Science from San José State University, and her Master of Art in Education and Human Development, Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University. She can be reached at

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