Vina Vo - Digital Promise

Vina Vo

“By the time I was 8 years old, I travelled to India, England, Viet Nam, China, Egypt and about 30 other countries all through a CD-ROM that came with the purchase of my family’s Packard Bell computer. As someone who didn’t start traveling until I went to college, I learned about a world beyond my own through a shiny disc that every now and then skipped, but nonetheless provided a wealth of knowledge.”

Prior to joining Digital Promise, Vina worked at Ernst & Young as a consultant advising financial services organizations in process improvement, change management, regulatory compliance, and systems integration. In the past, Vina completed a fellowship with Education Pioneers where she worked with Pacific Charter School Development to build charter schools in Los Angeles, designed a student ambassador program for the Indonesian International Education Foundation, and authored a manual to guide local investments in indigenous communities with CARE Ecuador. Vina received her master’s in Urban Planning with an emphasis on social and community planning and a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on International Business, both from the University of Southern California.

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