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A free online program to help the formerly incarcerated learn skills to transition back into the workforce. Learners can earn an Advanced Diploma focused on soft skills needed to find employment.

Books That Grow

Books increase or decrease in language complexity, adapting to the learner’s ability, with a diverse library of texts ranging from Biographies, Fiction, Primary Source Documents, Science, and more.


Brainquake offers games designed for all ages and levels that improve number sense and disposition to math. Research shows playing the games increases math problem-solving skills by 16.4%.


BE is a blended curriculum for educators to use with lessons for face-to-face classes and online practice modules. BE also includes civics and career-specific English language learning modules.


Canvas is a free learning management system designed to be flexible so teachers can tailor it to their specific course needs.


Cell-Ed offers courses in English, literacy, and citizenship on a mobile platform, so learners can access them on any cell phone. Cell-Ed also offers their mobile learners tutoring support 24/7. is an online hub for free digital literacy support and training. Learners can access self-directed tutorials to increase their digital literacy.


Free language learning (English and many other languages) platform, including apps for mobile use.


Ed is a learning management system focused on mobile use and micro-learning. Ed includes pre-built games that teachers can upload their content into.


Edmodo is a free network connecting learners and resources. Teachers can set up individual course communities within the larger Edmodo network.

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