Educator Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials provide educators with competency-based recognition for the skills they learn throughout their careers.

Digital Promise has built an ecosystem of micro-credentials in partnership with issuers, earners, and recognizers to personalize learning for educators. Micro-credentials are a natural extension of the the formal and informal learning activities educators engage in every day.

Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and sharable. They empower educators to drive their professional learning and give administrators the tools they need to personalize learning for the educators and meet their broader goals. Digital Promise is working with states, districts, schools, and educators to implement and build incentive structures for micro-credentials. Start exploring micro-credentials today!

Micro-credentials are a natural extension of educators’ professional learning journeys. Educators engage in both formal and informal professional learning activities but are rarely recognized for their informal learning. Micro-credentials do. They are:

mc-iconCompetency-based: Micro-credentials allow educators to focus on a discrete skill related to their practice — for instance, checking for student understanding — and collect the evidence — such as classroom videos or student work to demonstrate ability in that specific skill.

UsingTimeExampleOn-demand: Through an agile online platform that clearly identifies each micro-credential’s competency and required evidence, educators can start and continue the process of earning micro-credentials on their own time.

Grit & Resilience (2)Personalized: Because educators are able to select the micro-credentials they wish to earn, they can create their own professional learning journey aligned to their specific student needs and school-wide instructional goals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.09.09 AMShareable: Once educators earn micro-credentials, they can display the digital badges on Edmodo, LinkedIn, or a blog to signal their demonstrated competence wherever their professional journey might take them.

Educator Micro-credential Ecosystem

  • supporting deeper learningThe Digital Promise educator micro-credential ecosystem, supported by a coalition of educators and partners, provides teachers with an opportunity to gain recognition for skills they develop throughout their careers, regardless of where or how they learned them. Our ecosystem is powered by the Micro-credential Advisory Board, comprised of leaders from various sectors committed to deepening and scaling the impact micro-credentials have on this nation’s teachers and students.


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