Digital Promise has partnered with several organizations to develop over 200 micro-credentials on a variety of competencies. See below for some samples of this work.


UsingTimeExampleUsing Wait Time Effectively

Issued by Digital Promise

When asked a question, students need time to process and understand what they were asked before they can answer effectively. Research shows that language, logic, attitudes, and expectations improve when students and teachers pause before responding to a question.

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Deeper Learning

IdeaGeneratingExampleIdea Generating and Brainstorming

Issued by Digital Promise

Brainstorming is often thought of as wild and unstructured, but teachers know it is actually a focused and disciplined activity. Preparation, ground rules, and good facilitation, are all important to successful brainstorming sessions.

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ProductiveTeamworkExampleProductive Teamwork

Issued by Digital Promise

When teachers help students identify and agree to the details of how a team will collaborate, it improves learning, productivity, and efficiency.

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Data Literacy

DisaggregatingDataExampleDisaggregating Data

Issued by Relay Graduate School of Education

To effectively make data-driven decisions, educators must first be able to disaggregate, or separate, data in meaningful ways. To act effectively on data, educators must separate data into more meaningful and actionable forms.

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