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Digital Promise is committed to advancing digital equity for all learners, especially those who have been historically and systematically excluded. We have led this work for more than a decade by working to address the three pillars of digital equity – accessibility, affordability, and adoption of technology tools and skills.

“Digital equity ensures that all individuals have the technology resources to fully participate in society. In order to prepare our students and communities, we work to provide access and opportunities to students and households that will positively impact future generations.”

– Dr. Sara Martinez Crawford

Delivering on the Promise of Digital Equity

The “Delivering on the Promise of Digital Equity” report is designed to help state and local community leaders find effective ways for investing funding from the $65 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in K-12 education to increase digital equity.

The report includes:

  • An overview of what we know about the digital skills and knowledge necessary for success.
  • An outline of where the largest gaps exist.
  • Proposed solutions (“9 Big Plays”) to close those gaps, based on Digital Promise’s research and policy efforts and our direct work with district and school leaders.

Breaking With the Past

Our belief that digital transformation must be the rule and not the exception in education is the animating force for our report, “Breaking With the Past: Embracing Digital Transformation in Education.” It looks forward to the future when we will have harnessed the power of technology in a coherent and scaffolded way to solve long-standing challenges created by the traditional approach to education, including its inability to deliver equitable opportunities and outcomes generation after generation.

Read this report to learn:

  1. How the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning compares to more learner-centered, personalized, and motivating frameworks; why we need to transition to them at scale; and how digital technologies now enable that scaling.
  2. Why educational technology is not a silver bullet, but rather an enabler of powerful pedagogy delivered by teachers, who are the heart and soul of the digital transformation of classroom learning.
  3. Specific components of systems and the education ecosystem that we need to build out with coherence, coordination, and the participation of school districts, state agencies, philanthropies, and others to support and sustain digital transformation.

“The nation’s learners can’t wait for many more tomorrows to come and go without a broad national commitment to breaking the outmoded framework for American education.”

– Jean-Claude Brizard

Advancing Digital Equity

On Digital Learning Day in March 2023, Digital Promise’s Jean-Claude Brizard and Dr. D’Andre Weaver joined leaders from Verizon and ISTE to discuss how to achieve greater digital equity for learners.

Watch Beyond Access: Advancing Digital Equity >

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