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Kettle Moraine School District – Rethinking Professional Learning

How does your organization define competency-based education?

Kettle Moraine has established a process and expectation that we refer to as “strategic visioning.” Approximately every 3 years the district conducts a Community Forum, usually attracting around 100 community members, including parents, business partners, municipal leaders, school board members, teachers, students, alumni, and taxpayers. The original community forum started to share the findings of the Transformation Task Force, a group of 25 individuals, mostly non-educators, who participated in a 17-month process of scenario planning. The Task Force shared their work and the resulting recommendations. That work launched our journey into personalized CBE. We reconvene the community every three years to share our progress and results and ensure we continue to meet their expectations.


Names: Pat Deklotz, Theresa Ewald
District: Kettle Moraine School District

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