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Skills for Sharing

When we communicate with both words and images, our meanings become more clear and memorable. This can be especially important when communicating across borders and languages. As part of the process of designing solutions and solving problems we recognize that even if a product is useful and important, it will never be fully adopted if its inventor cannot tell a compelling story. Through the skills of digital communication and storytelling students can share their work with peers, families, their communities, and the world.

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A Day in the Life

“We have a diverse school with a number of students who speak English as a second language. Realizing the challenges ESL learners face in our school, students created a video showing a day in the life of an ESL student. The video demonstrated how their native English-speaking peers could welcome ESL students and help them better integrate into high school. The students used Cinema 4D on the Sprout to make part of the video as well as storyboards to plan shots. The Dual Touch screens and pen made 3D motion graphic development much more intuitive for our motion graphics gurus!  We are planning to air this PSA for the entire school as part of an upcoming ETV- English Television simulcast in every classroom in hopes of informing and educating both students and teachers to the unique challenges our ESL population faces as they adjust to their new country and school.” – Xavier Rozas, The English High School in Boston, Massachusetts

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