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Our Strategic Framework and North Star Goals

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We need bold solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities we face in today’s world.

It’s clear there’s significant work to be done, especially for the learners most often excluded from full participation in our global economy, including learners from low-income backgrounds, rural learners, learners with learning differences, and Black, Indigenous, and Latino learners. When these learners are prioritized, everyone in society ultimately benefits.

Our organizational priorities are informed not only by our aims for our own work, but also by our vision for the world we want in the next decade.

Guided by three North Star goals, we’re working to ensure the following for historically and systematically excluded learners by 2031:

We are focusing on systems-level transformation that directly addresses the challenges that learners face—considering the impact of their communities and environments—and helping to prepare all learners for holistic, lifelong success.

To achieve better educational outcomes, it’s also essential to recognize that each student differs, and those differences matter for powerful learning to occur. We must ensure that each student has equitable access to, participation with, and powerful use of the tools, educators, and learning experiences that affirm and honor their identities, expertise, and cultures.

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How We’re Moving Forward

To reach our goals, we are creating a measurement framework that represents our theory of action and strategic architecture. It will lean on several components, including:

  • Our guiding principles: Centering our work on equity for those farthest from opportunity, utilizing the power of networks to accelerate innovation, and grounding our work in research to drive impact among others.
  • Our organizational infrastructure: The teams who enable us to bring capacity to the biggest challenges in education, including our two Centers of Excellence (Learning Sciences Research and the Center for Inclusive Innovation), Pathways and Credentials, Networks and Applications, and Digital Equity teams.
  • Our impact strategies and practices: Driving technology and innovation for Powerful Learning in communities that are traditionally underserved, supporting educators in designing and implementing Powerful Learning experiences for each learner, and working with major edtech products to leverage research for greater equity-centered impact.

Our North Star goals, coupled with the strategic architecture and accompanying measurement framework, will allow Digital Promise to accelerate our impact—bringing us closer to a future where education closes opportunity gaps, diminishes differences in outcomes, and prepares learners to be global citizens who will shape the world for the better.

We hope you join us as we imagine the future of learning.

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