Members of the League of Innovative Schools’ Data Interoperability working group define data interoperability as the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of data between applications. And, believe it or not, it keeps League district leaders up at night.

In a recent survey, this working group of some of the nation’s top Chief Technology Officers and data administrators shared their insights on the state of data interoperability in their districts.

Why do they care? To these League leaders, a more interoperable district means increasing student data privacy and security, promoting learning, saving time of teachers and administrators, improving data quality, visualizing data to help make informed decisions, and achieving compliance with federal and state regulations. While the approach looks different in every district, the group unanimously agrees that interoperability is a critical priority to improving schools for administrators, teachers, and students alike.

To learn more about the state of data interoperability in public education, explore our infographic.

About Melissa Gedney

Melissa Gedney is the Program and Communications Manager for the League of Innovative Schools.

About Vina Vo

Vina Vo is the Program Manager for the League of Innovative Schools.

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