Number of Students


Free and Reduced Lunch


Students with Access to High Speed Broadband


K-12 Students with Access to a Personal School-provided Device (1:1)

Learn from this district about:

Creating dedicated non-traditional spaces for students and staff: In every building of Marion Central School District, there are personalized learning lounges and teacher learning centers, high-tech areas that provide flexible learning environments for educational pursuits.

Prioritizing the development of students’ “growth mindset”: The district’s “Believe to Achieve” program uses Carol Dweck’s work to identify, develop, and recognize students demonstrating learning behaviors consistent with a state of mind that fosters growth.

Leveraging online programming for additional enrichment: Faced with the challenges of a small district, such as limited teaching staff and small student numbers, Marion Central leverages Accelerate U, which offers online programming for enrichment and advanced placement in many subject areas.