Research across the learning sciences, along with the vast amount of data generated by students in online environments, continually adds to our understanding of how people learn and how educational environments can be designed to improve learning outcomes. However, much of the science about learning is not readily available outside of academia, or written in ways that educators and developers can interpret and apply in their everyday work.

Through our Research@Work project, we connect the education community with relevant research findings that can inform the design of educational programs, products, and practices. To do this, we offer:

  • A visualization of the existing research landscape through our interactive Research Map. This tool makes it easier for the community to see what research is available, and to find ideas that can improve education programs and products.
  • Actionable research summaries and tools to empowers educators and entrepreneurs to use learning science findings as they develop and enhance digital learning tools, educational programs, and classroom practices.
  • Opportunities for researchers, education leaders, and technology entrepreneurs to convene, and inspire and inform each other’s work.