Stacey Palas

“This past spring I was working on a research project on education technology use in India that included some field work in different parts of the country. I learned a TON about not only the Indian education system, but also the culture, people, and of course, delicious food in the country.”


Stacey comes to Digital Promise with five years of experience in education and education technology. She began her career as a high school physics teacher with Teach For America in the Boston area, while completing a graduate degree and thesis focused on resource allocation in K-12 school districts in Massachusetts. She left the classroom to pursue research in education technology full-time at MIT. Through her research, Stacey designed a rubric for administrators to use to assess readiness for large scale technology implementations in schools. She has earned a Master’s degree in Technology and Policy from MIT, an M.Ed. in Teaching and Curriculum from Boston University, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from MIT. You can reach Stacey at