Wendy Xiao

“It is important for me to surround myself with passionate, empathetic individuals who are willing to share their knowledge. In my educational journey I have been fortunate to encounter peers, mentors, and students who have challenged my thinking. Children are especially wonderful to learn from and are a humbling reminder of what powerful learning can look like.”

RepresentingĀ Digital Promise Global, Wendy collaborates with Digital Promise.

Prior to joining Digital Promise, Wendy was pursuing her master’s and concurrently working with a number of edtech products, including one on social-emotional learning. She previously taught in the elementary division at The Lab School of Washington, focusing on reading and dance instruction. While teaching at a school for children with learning differences, she grew in her dedication to create meaningful learning experiences and meet the needs of diverse learners. She earned her M.A. in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford Graduate School of Education and her B.S. in Neuroscience from Duke University. You can reach Wendy atĀ wendy@digitalpromise.org.