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Edcamp: Design for Learning

Edcamp: Design for Learning

About Edcamp: Design for Learning

Edcamp: Design for Learning was a series of four Edcamps centered on Transcend’s Designing for Learning principles: Individual Variability, Cognition, Motivation and Identity. Each Edcamp began with an educator-led panel discussion on the principle and its importance in classroom design and practice, followed by two Edcamp sessions for all participating educators to share their experiences and expertise. Each Edcamp in this series was hosted as a standalone session, allowing educators to attend as many sessions as they were able. Watch this video to learn more about the principles.

Edcamps are free participant-driven events for educators that leverage the knowledge and experiences of attendees to drive the discussions of the day. During registration, attendees will have an opportunity to share the topics most important to them related to the Design for Learning principle featured.

All Sessions of Edcamp: Design for Learning

Find materials for each Edcamp: Design for Learning below:

August 28: Individual Variability

September 18, 2021: Identity

October 9, 2021: Motivation

October 23, 2021: Cognition

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