Networks - Digital Promise


The Adult Learning Initiative takes a collective impact approach by creating and participating in networks across the learn and work ecosystem.

The Beacon Project highlights communities using technology innovative ways to support adult learners. Our goal is to understand and amplify models and best practices to promote digital skills and life-sustaining opportunities for adult learners.

In addition, our team participates in several active networks, including:

  • Digital US, a national coalition working to ensure that all people have technology skills and digital resilience to thrive in work and life.
  • The Retail Opportunity Network, a community of leaders focused on upskilling and learning, job success, and economic mobility for all people working in frontline sectors.
  • Open Skills Network, a coalition of employers, education providers, military, and other stakeholders working to advance skills-based education and hiring.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s T3 Innovation Network, a group of more than 500 organizations exploring the emerging technologies and standards in the talent marketplace to create more equitable and effective learning and career pathways.
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