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Course Structure & Microcredentials

Course Structure

The Social Media Marketing with Facebook training is organized into four modules that take learners through the skills they will need to apply basic social media marketing for an organization or business. The training is designed to be completed over the course of four weeks, however, facilitators may pace and/or adapt the course modules and lessons to meet the needs of their learning community. After each module, learners can earn a micro-credential to verify their skills. Those four modules are:

  • Module 1: Social Media Marketing Basics
  • Module 2: Marketing with Facebook Pages
  • Module 3: Marketing with Facebook Ads
  • Module 4: Marketing with Instagram

Learning modules are designed to be short, hands-on, and practical. Each module includes a primary challenge along with key objectives, targeted lessons, and real-world activities and examples designed to build social media marketing skills. Adult learners, including job-seekers, career changers, and entrepreneurs, will be trained to develop Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts for a local community organization or business of their choice. They will develop the knowledge and skills needed to create awareness, drive traffic, and/or attract customers, and create social media marketing campaigns. Each module provides key resources for facilitators. This includes comprehensive module workbooks as well as worksheets designed to prepare learners to successfully submit each micro-credential. The worksheets are available in English and Spanish!


Micro-credentials are digital badges that verify an individual’s competence with a skill or set of skills, providing learners with recognition for the skills they develop across learning experiences, including prior learning. Micro-credentials have the power to engage, retain, and elevate learners as they advance through in-demand training and career pathways. 

In terms of digital marketing, knowing how to create, manage, and monitor an organization’s social media presence and advertising is increasingly important in today’s world. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and large corporations use social media to create brand awareness, build relationships with their community and customers, and sell their products and services directly to customers. 

This training provides learners with the opportunity to earn the Social Media Marketing Micro-credentials from Facebook and let employers know they have these important digital skills. Once learners earn a micro-credential, it can be displayed as a digital badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, and their resume for example. 

Here are resources for using the Digital Promise micro-credential platform:


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