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Adult-Learning-ListingEducation technology, used in the classroom and for mobile learning, can bring powerful, cost-effective learning opportunities to the 36 million lower-skilled adults in the U.S., especially the 32 million not served by our current workforce training and education systems. These resources, including stories from our Beacons, webinars with developers, and research reports, offer specific practices for incorporating ed-tech into adult learning in highly effective yet affordable ways.

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Creating Career Pathways for Underserved Adults: Connecting Supply & Demand

Forming partnerships between government workforce development and private businesses can help underserved adults move into careers that change their and their families’ lives.

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Universal Design for Learning Empowers Opportunity Youth

YouthBuild USA is working with CAST to use Universal Design for Learning principles to think differently about helping educators support meaningful learning for nontraditional students, including Opportunity Youth and adult learners.

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Smartphones Meet Adult Education

How can adult ed integrate smartphone learning to accelerate literacy gains? In this webinar, the developer of the literacy app, Learning Upgrade, demonstrates this ELL app, and instructors share how their English language learners used the app.

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Closing the Digital Divide: 5 Digital Literacy Strategies to Help Adult Learners

Watch this recorded webinar to see techniques for infusing five key digital literacy skills -- decoding, meaning making, using, analyzing, and presentation of persona -- across adult ed programming.

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Technology’s Impact on Adult Learners and their Children

In these two case studies, explore technology’s impact on adult learners by tracing the journeys of two family literacy programs as they used technology in transformative ways to meet their learners’ needs.

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The Path to Full Tech Integration: From the First Conversation to Powerful Learner Use

Learn how Kentucky Adult Education achieved full technology integration across more than 100 programs. They share their rubric for assessing effective integration and strategies for helping learners become powerful users.

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Designing Technology for Adult Learners: Support and Scaffolding

Ed-tech developers can best support adult learners by integrating the research-based instructional strategies discussed in this short report into their products.

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There’s No Comprehension without Picturing: Visual and Digital Comprehension Strategies for Adult Learners

Modeling and guided practice are particularly effective for teaching literacy to adult learners. To learn more about these and other active strategies, watch our recorded webinar with Mockingbird Education.

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Harnessing the Power of Education Technology for the Adult Learner

Explore how experimenting and iterating, the first of five adoption factors investigated in a new series of blog posts, can lead to successful technology implementation in adult learning communities.

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