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About this Toolkit

This toolkit contains a collection of open educational resources that align to computational thinking practices in our stack of educator micro-credentials.

The collection of resources include Data Practices, Creating Algorithms, and Understanding Models with Computational Thinking. Each resource contains the following components:

  • “Look Fors” are actions that teachers may observe when students are engaged in computational thinking practices. Teachers may reference “Look Fors” to consider opportunities to integrate computational thinking into their classroom and/or reflect on how students engaged in lessons integrated with computational thinking.
  • Prompting questions are examples of questions to ask students to reflect on their process or progress. Teachers may use one or more of these questions to more explicitly integrate computational thinking into their instruction.
  • Resources and examples provide illustrative examples of middle school science activities integrated with computational thinking practices. Although the examples are topic-specific, templates are available for teachers to design opportunities in different topics or contexts.
  • Assessments are detailed rubrics outlining components of each computational thinking practice that can be utilized to assess student work.
  • Tools provide a curated list of supports to implement, explore, and promote computational thinking practices in your classroom.

These resources can be implemented with practices that support inclusion of students historically underrepresented in STEM. Learn more more about inclusive integration of computational thinking.

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