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Use these templates to organize your thinking as you design Challenge Based Science Learning units.

To aid in the development of the Challenge Based Science Learning units, the Challenge Collaborative created and revised writing templates over the course of the project. The three included documents will assist you in choosing phenomena and activities, brainstorming potential student challenges and solutions, and organizing resources into a full unit.

Questions and Activities Template

This template is the first step in developing a Challenge Based Science Learning unit, leading writers through the process of choosing learning targets and phenomena, developing key understandings, brainstorming potential student questions, and identifying Open Educational Resources to support learning.

Student Challenge Template

This template is a place to consider what challenges students might identify based on the phenomena that was used as a call to action. After completing the Questions and Activities Template above, use this to organize your “just in time” resources to support student investigation.

Full Planning Template

With the Questions and Activities Template and Student Challenge Template complete, this template will assist you in creating a unit by placing your resources into the appropriate phases and providing guidance on implementation.

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