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Use the Unit Library to pilot Challenge Based Science Learning in your classroom.

Teachers created these middle school science units to pilot the Challenge Based Science Learning framework in their classrooms and provide feedback that would inform the development of the scope and writing process during the Challenge Collaborative. The units are designed to be and include Open Educational Resources, and they are free for you to download and remix to your preference.

The units use the CBL framework to address problems in specific communities and will need modification for the phenomena and content to be relevant to your students. The units detailed below emphasize some of the ways that taking a challenge based approach to designing science learning can lead to meaningful outcomes for students that go beyond the content. In each of these scenarios, the teachers look for phenomena that would be relevant to their students and offer them an opportunity to solve problems, design features that give students more choice over their learning, and provide an authentic and challenging learning experience. Explore the design process to learn more about how you can create these units in your own classrooms.


Disaster Preparedness

Lunar Living

Native Species

Natural Disasters

Pollinators of our Food

Rising Waters

Special Olympics

Soar to Success

Trout Dream Home

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