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Designing Challenge Based Science Learning

Illustration of various science symbols

Below are steps you can use to create an NGSS-aligned Challenge Based Learning unit of your own.

Each step is accompanied by explanations, templates, and examples. While the steps are ordered, this is an iterative process that should allow for each new design element to inform the previous and future parts. As you write, look backward and forward and make changes along the way. Use this example unit on flooding along with the planning templates for reference as you design.

1. Select Disciplinary Core Ideas

2. Identify anchoring phenomena

3. Define key understandings

4. Develop questions that lead to key understandings

5. Identify, modify or create activities that answer key questions

6. Brainstorm potential student challenges and solutions

7. Divide Essential and Guiding activities

8. Identify opportunities for formative assessment

9. Establish appropriate venue for Act Phase

10. Add planning information into the full template

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