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Use the Deeper Learning rubrics to reflect on instruction, create professional learning opportunities for educators, develop curricula, or to study teaching and learning.   

The Deeper Learning rubrics were developed for the study of Digital Promise’s Challenge Based Science Learning Project described in this report, and serve as a guide to study the extent to which science and engineering activities provide deeper learning opportunities, and in what ways students are learning deeply through these activities. The rubrics went through an extensive design process, including consideration of alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and careful review by teachers and researchers to make sure that the dimensions are relevant to middle school teaching and learning. See recommended uses, implementation considerations, and access the rubrics at the links below.


Learning Activity and Student Work Rubrics

This is also available as an editable Google Doc.


Classroom Observation Protocol

This classroom observation protocol is designed to match the learning activity and student work rubrics.
The technical report on this rubric is forthcoming, and will be shared through this page when it becomes available.

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