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Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Digital Promise Professional Learning supports educators to improve learning opportunities for all students. We provide schools, districts, and other agencies educator-centered professional development programs and facilitated learning communities.

All our programs are research-backed, interactive, and designed to help educators immediately transfer their learning into the classroom. Participants are also supported to be recognized for their learning by earning micro-credentials.

Online and Hybrid Professional Learning

We are offering professional learning services online to support educators and school leaders during school closures and travel restrictions. Contact us at to learn more.

Design for Distance Learning

Design for Distance Learning will prepare participants to redesign learning experiences leveraging best practices for blended and digital learning design and assessment. Participants will learn about using the virtual tools and technologies provided by their district to support powerful distance learning. This offering includes three components: 1) 4 hours of live PD; 2) a semi-custom PD course module built into the school/district LMS, and 3) coaching office hours (optional).

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Professional Learning Cohorts

Our professional learning cohorts consist of a series of workshops, ongoing support from a Digital Promise coach, and facilitated online cohort meetings. Some individual workshops from these programs may also be provided as stand-alone one-day sessions. Please contact us at to learn how cohorts can be offered online.

Implementing Next Generation Science

The Implementing Next Generation Science program is for science teachers in schools or districts adopting NGSS or other standards based on the K-12 Framework for Next Generation Science that have been adopted by over 40 states. This program consists of two interactive workshops to engage teachers with the learning innovations of Next Generation Science practices followed by an online PLC experience where teachers will collaborate to design or adapt a lesson for their students to align to NGSS.

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Leading Maker Learning

The Maker Learning Leadership Cohort is a collaborative professional learning experience for educators working to create or expand programs to provide inclusive maker learning experiences for all their students. Through a combination of in-person convenings, online webinars, and virtual office hours, cohort members will learn with and from each other and a Digital Promise coach as they establish their program goals, build a maker culture in their school or district, and create powerful learning experiences for all students.

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Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides an efficient and effective, inquiry-based framework for learning while solving real-world challenges that can be applied across disciplines. Through a two-day Introduction to CBL workshop, monthly PLC calls, and additional coaching by Digital Promise, participants will gain an understanding of the CBL framework and how to use CBL to engage their students to learn with curiosity and purpose while solving real-world challenges.

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Planning Personal and Collaborative Learning

Designing for learner variability is the key to capturing the hearts and minds of all learners. Through two in-person workshops, a virtual PLC experience, and additional coaching by Digital Promise, teachers will be prepared to consider the unique attributes of every learner as they design powerful learning experiences. A focus on personalization however does not mean students should learn on their own. A learner-centered classroom is filled with the buzz of students’ voices. This experience will also help teachers answer the question of “when learner variability is the rule, how do you ensure that every learner is fully engaged in collaboration and discussions?”

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Computational Thinking for Elementary School

Integrating computational thinking into K-12 education is crucially important to prepare all learners for an increasingly technology-driven world and workforce. Exposing all students to computational thinking is especially important for populations of students that are currently underrepresented in computer science. Connecting computational thinking to familiar topics enables students to realize that they are fully capable of using computers to solve problems, which may build students’ attitudes and confidence toward computer science. Through two in-person workshops, a virtual professional learning cohort experience, and additional coaching by Digital Promise, teachers will uncover the interdisciplinary nature of computational thinking as they develop cross-disciplinary units.

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Computational Thinking for Next Generation Science

This professional learning cohort highlights the specific affordances of computational thinking for science learning. Through a series of four in-person workshops, a virtual professional learning cohort experience, and additional coaching by Digital Promise, participants will apply four practices of computational thinking to Next Generation Science. This workshop series can be completed either as an intense one-year program or as a two year progression.

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Additional One-Day Workshops

Computational Thinking: Unplugged!

Computational Thinking: Unplugged! introduces K-12 teachers of all subjects and disciplines to key concepts of computational thinking through hands-on activities and discussions. All the activities are completely “unplugged” (no computers) and collaborative. Participants will leave with an understanding of and learning activities for exploring algorithms, data, and the role of computing in our society.

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Design Thinking and Storytelling for Student Entrepreneurship

Why pair design and storytelling? Because even the best product designs fail to make an impact if they can’t be shared with the world. Participants will spend the day using Design Thinking to create meaningful products and share their creations with an authentic audience using storytelling tools and strategies. The workshop will model several activities and strategies that educators can immediately use with their students.

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Why Digital Promise Professional Learning

Our professional learning cohorts and workshops are research-backed, interactive, and provide opportunity for educators to immediately transfer their learning into the classroom. Contact us today to learn how we can support your team to engage the hearts and minds of learners.

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